North Carolina Dreaming

Since we’re in the dead-middle of February, naturally it is cold as hell here in Northern Virginia. I look out the window at what appears to be a beautiful day outside only to face the cold reality of a temperature in the low 30s without wind chill. Sigh. My mind is wandering back to the North Carolina beaches we visited earlier this summer and how gorgeous they were. Having dropped off the little one with my parents for a few days, Kristin and I made full use of the beach in Kill Devil Hills. Just a little further south into Nags Head is Jockey’s Ridge State Park where this picture was taken.

Sunset at Jockey's Ridge

Sunset at Jockey's Ridge

It was near the end of the day (obviously), and we had been hanging out at some of the local shops across the street from the dunes. We didn’t realize how quickly darkness was encroaching, so we were a little surprised to see the sun so low on the horizon as we exited the shops. We’d wanted to be at the top of the dune for sunset, but it looked as though we were going to miss that. Not wanting to miss the shot of the sun peeking through the clouds, I ran to the car and snapped off this one shot before we went across the street. I’m so happy it turned out.

As the wind chaps my lips and burns my cheeks now, I’m thinking back on that evening. Maybe if I think hard enough I can bring the feeling of the sun-heat back.

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