Reflections on Singapore I traveled to Singapore for work in mid-to-late March. Here are my thoughts about my experience there. Everyone is understandable! There are four official languages and thankfully English is one of them. Initially I was concerned about language barriers that would limit my mobility or food options, but it was no issue at all. At worst I’d have to step closer to a person so I could hear them better.

2017 In Music

Before January 2018 gets away from me, I’d like to reflect on the last year of music. Unlike in previous years where I pulled the data from automatically and then ran a bunch of queries on it separately, this year I went completely lazy-like and automated just about the whole thing! My job requires near-constant writing of Python code, so that certainly helps. First of all, the total tracks we listened to throughout the year: 5716.

2017 Memorial Day Hike

Day 0: Damascus VA and the Old Mill Inn After packing in the morning and restlessly pacing around my house, I left for Damascus at around 11:30, ready and raring to get the ride over with. Given that the group has exhausted much of Virginia, all of Maryland, and about a quarter of Pennsylvania, that meant a decent amount of driving. In my case it was I-81 for about 6 hours.


Whenever there’s a break in the weather during winter, my first thought is to pack up and head to Shenandoah. Skyline drive is just so inviting and the kids are getting old enough for some of the smaller hikes. When such an opportunity presented itself a week back, we set our eyes on Hawksbill Mountain. On paper it seemed reasonable at only 1.5 miles, but we soon found out that every bit of those miles was straight uphill.

Welcome Home

Every time I go home to Chesapeake I notice the signs of change and progress. After taking the dog out in the back yard I noticed this cement placard showing more than a little bit of its age. It’s still holding its own, though. Worn and battered with the weather, but still just as welcoming as the day it was set. Welcome!


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