2017 Memorial Day Hike

Day 0: Damascus VA and the Old Mill Inn After packing in the morning and restlessly pacing around my house, I left for Damascus at around 11:30, ready and raring to get the ride over with. Given that the group has exhausted much of Virginia, all of Maryland, and about a quarter of Pennsylvania, that meant a decent amount of driving. In my case it was I-81 for about 6 hours.


Whenever there’s a break in the weather during winter, my first thought is to pack up and head to Shenandoah. Skyline drive is just so inviting and the kids are getting old enough for some of the smaller hikes. When such an opportunity presented itself a week back, we set our eyes on Hawksbill Mountain. On paper it seemed reasonable at only 1.5 miles, but we soon found out that every bit of those miles was straight uphill.

Welcome Home

Every time I go home to Chesapeake I notice the signs of change and progress. After taking the dog out in the back yard I noticed this cement placard showing more than a little bit of its age. It’s still holding its own, though. Worn and battered with the weather, but still just as welcoming as the day it was set. Welcome!

Algonkian Park

One benefit to the family moving further north in Sterling is that Algonkian Regional Park became really accessible. It’s a great park with a lot to offer the eyes, and I’m trying to take advantage as much as possible. Not only does the park lead right up to the Potomac River, it also provides ample space to fly kites, picnic, or launch boats, if you’re into those types of things. I’m more into the camera-friendly sights, so naturally I gravitate towards the river.

Gettysburg in the Fall

Whenever someone mentions that they haven’t been to Gettysburg, I immediately suggest taking them there for a tour. It’s such a beautiful place that’s full of interesting things to see and experience. This time the someone-s happened to be my parents, so I gladly drove them the hour and a half up there. I’ve been to the battlefield about a dozen times, but never in the fall when the colors were at their max.


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