A Mural In Herndon

Kristin and I were walking around town looking for used wagons for Amy’s wedding in the thrift and antique stores around Herndon, VA. We were going to stop at a bread place first for some of their pastries and coffee, but unfortunately they were closed. Turning around from the storefront of the bread shop I saw a mural that I haven’t noticed before:

Not only was this thing on the wall, but on the pavement of the parking lot as well. Follow the yellow brick road…into the wall:

Looking closer one of the sunflowers has the likeness of Vincent Van Gogh in it. That’s a bit odd, but nonetheless cool:

Someone obviously took a lot of care to make this into something special:

Even down to the planters, which look aged and weather-beaten:

I’d like to know the story behind this mural, because it is fascinating. It isn’t like it is adorning a storefront - It’s essentially on the side wall of a row of a small stripmall!