Wow, That Was Fast!

I’m not usually a fan of the stupid stuff most websites do on April Fool’s Day, but I like what Google is doing with their search results. Note the subtlety:

Fast search results

Wonky search speeds from Google on April 1st

Users are also noting some other fun search speed variations:

  • nanocenturies
  • gigawatts (from Back To The Future)
  • parsecs (from Star Wars)
  • femtogalactic years
  • microfortnights
  • centibeats
  • centons
  • shakes of a lamb's tail
  • epochs (time since Jan 1st, 1970 in computer time)
  • microweeks
  • at NN hertz
  • at warp NN
This beats their most obvious joke hands down, wouldn't you say?