I'm Back

Hi everyone!

I’ve been away from this little internet space for about two and a half years. Sorry about that. In my own defense, I was in grad school, purchasing a house, quitting jobs, finding other jobs, and watching movies (lots of movies). My goal from now on is to add content to this site regularly as a means to express myself and to own my own content. I’ll be posting under a couple of categories, the first two being “blog” and “galleries.” They mean exactly what you think they mean - a “blog” category post means a post contains the ramblings of my brain/personal opinion, howtos, geek stuff, etc etc. The “galleries” category means the post will be used to post my images. Simple, right? Right. I hope you enjoy.

I am still deciding what to do with all of the older content (from college and what has been stagnant for the past 2.5 years). I may re-post, but who knows.