'Coffee in Leesburg '

Another weekend, another Leesburg trip! The town just has so much to offer. Previously I’d mentioned the awesome coffee shop that I am just compelled to visit each time I’m there. Here’s part of the reason why: not only do they have excellent coffee, but they are also steeped in local history. According to Talk Loudon, the window countertops at the front of the store were made from the original shoe shine stand and the bookcases inside were assembled from shoe shelves. During their recent renovation they found some 1920s-era shoes that now hang from the center chandelier. Adorning the front entrance is what appears to be the original shoe repair sign, which I just love:

Shoes Cup & Cork Club sign

Something in me also loves old signage, and this is about as good as it gets.

Around the side you’ll find an alleyway to their back, “secret” garden:

Alley to the secret garden

Alley to the secret garden

Besides coffee, the shop sells food which can be enjoyed on their back patio (at the end of the alley above), which is also eloquent. I especially like the lighting up above and the surrounding old buildings:

Overhead lighting

Overhead lighting in the secret garden