Being a Parent

Image courtesy of Aldo Risolvo on Flickr

Sometimes simply being a parent takes up your day. Yesterday was one such day, when Layla needed constant attention after being awake for a marathon-like (for her) 5 1/2 hours. After playing in the mirror, hanging out in the high chair, and swinging in the swing, she just wanted more! I’d look over at her in the crib after she’d tricked me into thinking she was tired, only to find a big toothless smile and happy eyes looking back at me. What a cutie!

My first reaction after several iterations of this was frustration, but this soon gave way to feelings of guilt. After all, these are the days that I should cherish! Soon she’ll be crawling and thereafter will start becoming more and more independent each day. That means what I have right now is so, so special. Having realized that yesterday towards the end of my (our?) ordeal, those feelings of frustration melted away, leaving me there to soak up the experience for what it was.