Morning Walks in San Francisco

I recently traveled to San Francisco for for a big developer gathering. I stayed in the Omni again this time, but unlike last time I brought some synthetic workout/walking gear along with me. I figured that I’d take advantage of my flight schedule/jet lag to get in some early morning photo walks. Things worked out pretty well and I’d usually head out the door around 6AM and walk for about an hour to an hour and a half.

2016 Memorial Day Hike

This year’s Memorial Day hike is in the bag! It was the tenth one, and our first venture into Pennsylvania. After having to travel over six hours down to Damascus last year, the two hour trip was a refreshing change of pace. The company was great, with Vapor (Firestarter?), Trout, Compass, Dreamer, and myself in attendance. Factor was notably absent for the first year in ten, but for good reason: he recently welcomed a little Factor into the world!

Thoughts on The Mistborn Trilogy

Having just finished the third book of Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy, I must admit I’m surprised. What I thought to be a quick and easy read went much deeper than expected. Looking back on them all I have to commend Sanderson on his well formulated plot arc. By the end all of the pieces fit together nicely, but in a way you couldn’t exactly see coming. The intro blurbs are always interesting, but almost never revealing.

2015: The Year In Music

Another year of music is in the bag. 2015 was a good one! Once again we crack open summarizr to see what we have… Which artists did we listen to the most? Nine Inch Nails (261) Frank Turner (246) Tame Impala (227) deadmau5 (225) Awolnation (158) Coldplay (156) Metallica (146) Pink Floyd (142) Less Than Jake (136) The War on Drugs (129) The stats this year are a bit skewed because I replaced my Revo 3700 (a full-sized computer) with a Raspberry Pi 2 (a credit card sized computer) to save a bit on power.

Hiking Maryland South to North - Day 3

The third morning began with me glancing down at my watch, which was silent and distinctly NOT beeping. I’d amazingly woken up just before my watch alarm went off. Even more amazing, I’d gotten a full 8 to 9 hours of sleep on the trail despite the chilly temperature! I’ll chalk that up to securing my rain fly much lower than the night before, which kept out any drafts and reflected a bit more of my own heat back at me.


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