Court of Neptune Fountain

The Library of Congress was one stop on my grand tour of DC a few weeks back. Right in front the main building - the Thomas Jefferson Building - is this gorgeous set of sculptures. Titled “Court of Neptune,” they were created by sculptor Roland Hinton Perry way back in 1895. Unfortunately the water wasn’t going on the day I visited, but in my opinion this doesn’t take away from their raw beauty.

Meet Neptune

Meet Neptune See this image in full size

These sculptures certainly don’t look that weathered for all the years they’ve been here. Whether through durable design or periodic maintenance they are still gorgeous! If you appreciate this type of art I’d recommend a visit if you’re in the area. While you’re there you can also check out the Capitol Building and the US Supreme Court, which are both in the immediate vicinity. I took the Smithsonian metro stop on this particular day, but the Capitol South station on the Blue or Orange line will get you closer. You can find the Library of Congress near the southern side of the US Capitol (Google Map).